Celebration Town Tavern

“Comfortable is the key word.”

The term “tavern” can evoke a lot of images, comfort being one of them. “Comfortable is the key word,” says Susan when asked about what a night at the Celebration Town Tavern should be. “I don’t want it to be stuffy and I don’t want it to be like a café.” Be assured, this family-owned seafood and steak house is neither. Located across from the lake front in downtown Celebration, it is exactly what the family hoped to create — a space in which a person would be equally comfortable meeting friends for happy hour, taking the family for a night out, or spending the afternoon watching football in front of the big screen.

Clearly, this family knows what it’s doing when it sets out to create a neighborhood gathering spot. Originally from the Boston area, the family started in the business thirty years ago with a successful seafood restaurant in Weymouth called Kelly’s Landing. The family then moved to Fort Lauderdale to open a second Kelly’s Landing, a place so full of regulars it evokes images of Cheers. Once again they relocated, this time to Celebration, where they opened the Celebration Town Tavern which has quickly become the town’s social hub. The tavern’s comfortable atmosphere is unquestionably a big draw.